Kleinhardt Export Market Development

If your business is considering expanding internationally Kleinhardt provides you with simple and practical steps to achieve international success. Whether you are looking at exporting your products or services or expanding your operation by setting up overseas, Kleinhardt can assist you. We can answer these questions for you:

  • How do I get into export?
  • Where can I sell my product or services?
  • How do I promote my product or services?
  • How do I win projects in the aid/development area?
  • How do I access Austrade's Export Market Development Grant scheme to obtain financial assistance in international marketing?
  • How do I find the right partner overseas?
  • How do I communicate with those different cultures overseas?

Kleinhardt has an in depth understanding of international business methods and cultures. Our team has assisted many clients in exporting their products and services overseas

Export Market Development Case Studies

  1. Kleinhardt was retained to promote and co-ordinate "Australian Tourism Resources", a tourism industry business network targeted at tourism industry development in offshore destinations. Kleinhardt identified opportunities in Brunei, Saudi Arabia, China and Vietnam which ultimately secured work for local organisations.
  2. Kleinhardt managed the successful financial and management reconstruction, preparation of strategic plan and preparation of feasibility study for the development of a downstream processing facility for a primary producer cooperative association. This resulted in the development of significant export contracts.
  3. Kleinhardt was instrumental in the contract negotiation with a Hong Kong company and mainland Chinese Provincial Government for the project management, development and cultivation of an 11,000 acre banana plantation in China for export markets in Japan, Korea and Russia for an agri-business developer.
  4. A national ice-cream manufacturer wished to penetrate the northern Pacific market. A distributor was identified and an agreement made. Sales of over $2M were made in the first year
  5. An Australian bank was looking for further expansion into the Pacific. A range of targets was identified; introductions made and extensive coaching on local culture was given. A $30M investment resulted.
  6. A major Qld Government department was assisted in entering the aid-funded area with their first project in Asia being won within months of initial engagement
  7. A national metal goods manufacturer was assisted in setting up a new facility in SE Asia with an investment of $25M
  8. Kleinhardt was engaged to conceptualise and then formulate a business plan for a major water-sports facility in China as part of a 5 star resort project